skyPhysics Find the Sun and Moon wherever you are

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Are you a photographer trying to catch that special shot with the Moon in just the right position? Planning a photographic expedition and need to know when and where the Sun will rise? Shooting video and need to know where the light will fall on your set?

skyPhysics shows the height and compass angles of the Sun or Moon for any date for any location on earth. Rise and set angles along with the current position are shown right on a map or satellite view, so you know what to expect. Shadow lengths are calculated and displayed along with a graphic of the height angle.

Tap the location button, point your phone in any compass direction, and the time the Sun or Moon will be there is calculated, along with the height of the Sun or Moon.

Need to know the next Full Moon? Moon phases are shown on a calendar for any date. Quickly scan to find the perfect day for your shot.


It's all about speed, accuracy and convenience with an interface that makes it easy to get the information you need. Roller buttons quickly change dates or times, but step slowly when you need precision.

Data connection is not needed for any calculations. Data is necessary to view map or satellite images. GPS is used to obtain current location.